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Property Owner’s Liability

Do you know that anyone who is performing work for you could trigger a public liability claim against you?

Do you know that financial Institutions will often insist that their client maintain public / property owners liability insurance on their properties?

Do you know that public/property owners liability insurance cover must be maintained in residential units let to tenants (Residential Tenancies Act 2004)?

To help protect you from costly litigation, Maher & Richardson Ltd can provide property owners with property owner’s liability insurance or and/or public liability insurance (as appropriate) in conjunction with a range of property and/or business covers including Property Combined Insurance.

Talk to us now about our property owners liability insurance policies and get the best insurance advice to ensure your business is adequately covered. Call Barry on (01) 2804626/7 or email him using our contact form.


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What does Property Owner's Liability insurance cover me against?
  • Injury or Illness claims from Third Parties
  • Costs of defending a Third Party claim
  • Legal costs and resultant financial loss
  • Property Damage claims from Third Parties
  • Compensation awards made to Third Parties
How a Property Owners Liability insurance policy protects you and your business:
  • Covers you when you have to pay compensation to anyone who is injured or incurs property damage when you’re at fault
  • Pays out legal fees spent in defending a claim and any resultant financial loss

For more info on Property insurance cover. Talk to Maher & Richardson Now.

For more info on Property insurance cover. Talk to Maher & Richardson Now.